Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life


Battery life is the single most important aspect of the mobile user experience. A device without power offers no functionality at all. For this reason, it is critically important that apps be as respectful of battery life as possible.The Android platform provides two categories of help for you to optimize your app’s battery use. First, it provides several APIs that you can implement in your app. You can learn more about these APIs in Intelligent Job Scheduling and Network Use and Battery Consumption.There are also internal mechanisms in the platform to help conserve battery life. While they are not APIs that you implement programmatically, you should still be aware of them so that your app can leverage them successfully. For more information, see Doze and App Standby.You can get even more benefit out of these features by using the tools available for the platform to discover the parts of your app that consume the most power. Finding what to target is a big step toward successful optimization.Here is the Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life.

There many ways you can conserve battery life, whether you’re down to almost nothing or looking to keep your Android going longer as a general practice. Here are some best tips to save battery life:

  1.  If you’re not using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location Services, and NFC, turn it off. Switch on Airplane mode if you’re somewhere with a poor signal, so your phone doesn’t keep trying to connect.
  2. Update android, with each new version of Android, there are new features and better optimisation that makes your phone’s battery last longer.
  3. Turn off things you aren’t really using like unuseful apps,background running games,high contrast wallpaper,etc.
  4. Shut down the vibration, but if you’re in a situation in which you wouldn’t normally be able to hear your cell phone, such as being on the roa then you should not turn off it.
  5. Dim your brightness and sometimes full brightness might be necessary to see those texts under the full light of day.

6.Use battery saving mode while travelling far and need to save battery.

7.Every time your phone checks for a notification, then makes your phone vibrate and make a noise, it uses up a bit of battery – which is even worse if you’re popular and getting them all the time. Flashing LED lights are particular battery, turn off the notifications.

8.Hotter batteries drain faster – so it’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight, out of your pocket, and out of the oven.So, try to keep your phone cool.

9.Use greenify, it is a perfect battery saving app. You can also try SetCPU to underclock your cpu if you require battery in critical times. If you have AMOLED display, try to use any dark theme to save battery.

10.Never charged fully because it can decrease the life sapn of battery.So, try to charge your phone’s battery not more than 90-95%.

11.Limit location services and background data by turning off Location Services (usually found in Settings > Location Services).


Maximizing your battery life is a simple matter of minimizing your power usage. As you can see, your Android smartphone has a lot of components that touch on power use. Optimizing these can range from simply changing the way that you use your device on a daily basis to fully automating connectivity toggles.


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