CSIT or Computer Engineering in Nepal

CSIT or Computer Engineering

After +2, most of the students get confused on choosing their carrier in the field of computer science. Both subject are good and able to do the same profession being in one place. However, to hold the engineering degree computer engineering is needed. Otherwise, both students are equally able to do the same professions. Mostly CSIT course is designed if someone is interested in learning programming, however, Computer Engineering is more suitable for a student who has a passion for robotics since hardware parts are mostly covered within this course. Simply you can say that CSIT includes HARDWARE 30% / SOFTWARE 70% where as Computer Engineering includes HARDWARE 70% / SOFTWARE 30%. For reader i wish you get help from this article in choosing your correct decision.


Here we focus on solving the debate exist between CSIT and Computer Engineering providing you some information about Pros and Cons exist. Honestly, I’m a student of computer engineering, not CSIT. So, all my knowledge about it is second hand. Yet, I’ll have a go at its pros and cons. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how accurate it is.

  1. CSIT


  • CSIT course is an updated course and frequently changed the curriculum.
  • More job-oriented skills in course.
  • It has more freedom for selecting the elective subject during 6 and 6 plus semester.
  • You can choose any career of your own like programming, networking, database etc.
  • During studying itself if you are skilled you can get a chance to earn money.


  • You are not allowed to be called as an engineer. No matter how experienced you are in the programming fields.
  • Result publication by TU is very much delayed.
  • More expensive and has no clear path to a scholarship
  • The courses and prices are frequently changed and lack of good manpower to teach the subjects.
  • Not have sufficient books available in the market.
  1. Computer Engineering


  • Unlike CSIT, you get a degree to be called as an engineer.
  • It has better job opportunities since government invest lot of money into computer engineering than into CSIT.
  • The course is specifically focused on theoretical base, so the student has solid theoretical understanding of any subject.
  • Computer Engineering is especially focused on hardware, and networking so student having interest in robotics would be the best choice than CSIT.


  • It is more theoretical than practical so has less job-oriented than CSIT
  • It is a very old course designed not revised frequently like CSIT
  • Most of the subjects mentioned in Computer Engineering are irrelevant and not so practical as job-oriented perspective.
  • The course is seemed to be designed by electronic engineers so not practical for programming fields.

These are just a few of pros and cons exist between CSIT and Computer Engineering field, if you find more please don’t forget to comment us.

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